Based on a layout built with the YAML CSS Framework

Currently using the Prototype JavaScript library

Message Box CSS found on Janko at Warpspeed

Buttons in Message Boxes from Knob Toolbar Icons by Cocoa Grove

Spinner Control for Prototype by Ken Snyder

Ajax Loading GIF Animation from

The USCII-5x7-ENGLISH-C0 specification was generated using a single script in the Rebol language. If you want to look at how clean the specification and the code that manipulates it is, take a look at the source on GitHub.

When I first designed USCII, Rebol was not open source and I had a disclaimer up about not putting a lot of investment into a proprietary language. Two years later, Rebol was open-sourced. You can read some of why I think it is interesting in Why Rebol, Red, and the Parse dialect are Cool.